• Exhibition: ‘Discovering the Unexpected’. Type & Forme. A selling exhibition of antiquarian and rare books on travel, natural history, and science. Free entry. 26/09/2018 – 29/09/2018, during Museum opening hours.

• Science Salon: ‘Alchemical Recipes and Remedies’. Dr Anke Timmermann FLS, Type & Forme. The basic human desire for health and longevity was as strong in the Renaissance as it is today and physicians and apothecaries used the latest knowledge of the workings of the human body in their attempts to cure the ill and fight epidemics. Ticketed entry. 26/09/2018 – 12pm

• Flower Show: 26/09/2018 – 4pm

• Breaking the glass ceiling talk: 27/09/2018 – 10:30am

• Science Salon: ‘Sir Joseph Banks’ Forgotten Engravings’. Mark James FLS, Type & Forme. Banks commissioned drawings of the plants gathered during Cook’s Endeavour voyage, many previously unknown to science. On Banks’ return to London, 743 copper printing plates were engraved under his supervision. Why did these beautiful engravings remain forgotten for so long? Ticketed entry. 28/09/2018 – 12pm

• Magick & Alchemy Show: 29/09/2018 – 10am

• Magick & Alchemy Show: 29/09/2018 – 12:30pm

• Magick & Alchemy Show: 30/09/2018 – 10:30am

• Science Salon: 30/09/2018 – 2pm

Mind, Body, Spirit Friday 5th October

6:30pm – 9:30pm – £2.50 entry