Spitting Image puppet takes centre stage in refurbished Margaret Thatcher exhibit

The iconic puppet, which was put into storage in 2012, will take centre stage for a limited time only, as part of the museum’s permanent new Margaret Thatcher exhibit.

Museum volunteers have been working around the clock to get the exhibit, which includes a mock-up of Margaret Thatcher’s bedroom, ready for its official opening tomorrow.

Grantham Museum project director David Burling said: “We have enhanced and augmented what is already here with an updated timeline showcasing many of her political and life events.”


Spitting Image is a British satirical puppet show series produced for Central Independent Television over 18 series, which aired on the ITV network and featured puppet caricatures of celebrities prominent during the 1980s and 1990s, including British Prime Ministers and other politicians, but Margaret Thatcher who was the Prime Minister of Britain between 1979 and 1990 is still one of the most memorable characters.

David added: “Everyone has been asking for the puppet back, so we are delighted to be able to display it once more. It has been in storage for over five years so it will be the perfect addition to the Margaret Thatcher exhibition. Regardless of what you thought of Margaret Thatcher, Spitting Image was groundbreaking in its day.”

The exhibition opened with a splash of publicity from the Grantham Journal to the BBC.

The puppet will be with Grantham Museum for a limited time so ensure you take the opportunity to get down to the museum and see her up close.

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