Our Apple trees are blooming

Earlier this week, we were contacted by Judith Taylor who had received a Christmas present from her sister in 2011. Her sister had bought a tree from Grantham Museum which was a direct descendant of the tree that Sir Isaac Newton sat under in the garden of Woolsthorpe Manor.

The tree was planted in Gosforth, Cumbria and there it has thrived. This year, the tree has fruited and Judith was kind enough to show us the tree and it’s apples in all their glory.

Judith was bought up in Grantham and her father was a teacher at the Kings School and describes the tree as “really quite special”. The apples also make a lovely crumble.

We are so happy that the trees we sold at the very start of our journey are thriving and stand as a testament to the continued drive to keep our Museum open, vibrant and growing for generations to come.

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