Heroes Commemorative Orchard

Grantham Museum is happy to support the Heroes Commemorative Orchard project by the Wyndham Park Forum.

The orchard will cover 3.75 acres with 75 trees to mark the 75th anniversary of Grantham and the district’s role in D-Day and Arnhem, plus 2020 as the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe. It offers an inspirational opportunity to commemorate the past with a living orchard, illustrating aviation and airborne forces heritage alongside green space, fruit growing and healthy living. Every tree will symbolise not only passing of the years but the strength and diversity of a shared spirit. The orchard will be an information and education tool for a time in history immortalised in film and archive; a focal point for people to remember and reflect amidst the peace and beauty of a flourishing orchard. Schools will be involved in planting and harvesting with the opportunity to use the area for outdoor learning. Leased by the National Trust to the district council, it will be a valuable green and productive space in the centre of Grantham, with community harvesting and increased biodiversity.

You can find out more and pledge at https://www.spacehive.com/heroes-commemorative-orchard

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