PRESS RELEASE: Grantham Town Football Club is the focus of planned exhibition at Grantham Museum

In February 2020, Grantham Museum will be holding an exhibition dedicated to 145 years of Grantham Town Football Club.

Grantham Museum will explore the whole history of the club, telling the stories from the fans, the management, the highs and the lows. But Grantham Museum needs your help.

The unique history of this club is owned by the fans and Grantham Museum wants to be able to share it with everyone.

As such, the Museum is asking if any fans will be willing to loan any memorabilia, stories, photographs, videos and anything that will help put the entire picture together.

David Burling, Museum Chairman says “The Gingerbreads have such a vibrant history and a loyal fan base. We want to be able to do the club justice and tell the whole story. With the club in it’s 145th season, it seems right that we create this exhibition as a celebration of that longevity”.

Nigel Wedgewood, Chairman of Grantham FC says “As Grantham Town Football Club enters into its 145th year of having a football team representing this great town, we are extremely proud to be asked by Grantham Museum to exhibit our fantastic history from being at London Road to our present home at the Meres. 

I am sure there will so be many memories out there in the town, that people have in lofts, garages and cupboards, for which we would urge you to let us borrow for a few months, and there may even be a lost few cups out there, which have been won since 1874.

There has been so much happen to the club over this period and as we enter into this new decade and the club wanting to really engage and help with the local community, we really do thank the museum for wanting to showcase the gingerbreads and really look forward it!”

You can contact the Museum on 01476 568783 or email

You can also contact them via Facebook and Twitter, just search Grantham Museum.

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