Edith Smith exhibition – the project takes shape

by Amanda Schonhut, Fundraising Director

May 2019

On the 22nd of May The Metropolitan Police Force celebrates 100 years of Women Officers in their Force.  Fitting then, we at the Museum are celebrating the achievements of Women in Policing in our ‘Town of Firsts’ with Edith’s Exhibition. Our congratulations to The Met and Commissioner Dick – herself a ‘first’ as a Female Commissioner of The Met –  on their own special landmark day. 

We are delighted to see news is spreading far and wide for our fundraising, especially from other Police Forces, Edith is a National Treasure! The ‘Buy a Brick’ concept for Edith’s Custody Cell is working well and it’s so lovely to read the personal messages from other Forces as well local residents that will be displayed on the wall of the cell from those who have very kindly donated. She is clearly a much admired Officer and a role model for many Officers still today.

June 2019  

David and I have had our monthly chat – we talked about our planned exhibit for Edith, what we want it to look like and how we want to engage young people – particularly girls – to imagine what her job entailed and as a result be pioneering, not just for Policing, but especially for women to be In Policing.

We want to inspire young children to dare to do the same…

As part of my own research to achieve this I have also found time to head over to Boston where I visited a School Summer Fayre. I had heard that Lincolnshire Police were going to be there, doing their own work to inspire youngsters about Policing, some of which were female Officers of today’s modern police force. I wanted to see for myself what they do and how they engage with youngsters, this fantastic initiative is of course – Mini Police! I was not disappointed! The children were completely enthralled, simply adorable with their little ‘high viz’ vests on and loving every minute of the activities put on by the Officers there.

Women like Edith paved the way for others to feel they could contribute to Policing – seeing those female Officers and their colleagues in their natural environment, engaging with the public was a reminder of how she did it – exactly the same.

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