Edith Smith Exhibition – Summer 2019

by Amanda Schonhut, Fundraising Director

July 2019

I am still hard at work ‘behind the scenes’, continuing to network with local businesses and the general public to raise awareness of the fundraising efforts for Edith. I am constantly amazed at the generosity of the Public. I have witnessed it many times since joining the Museum Team for the many things we need to raise money for. There is a real appetite for Edith’s exhibition, a genuine desire to see it come to fruition. The excitement, as well as the many positive comments, is encouraging me to keep pushing for every penny to reach that goal! From a just a few pounds to £100 we have had an amazing response and staggering generosity to help us reach our £2000 target I am over the moon with the support I have had and humbled by the kindness of so many. Edith is clearly a much loved local lady that has captured the nation’s hearts!   

August 2019

Only a few months in and already hundreds of pounds raised! Thank you, thank you! To each and every one that has given so generously. Never did I imagine when I set this Fundraising Campaign up that we would achieve so much and so soon! Despite the summer holidays and every penny spare needed for so many other things at this time of year, we continue to get donations that add to pot! With the launch of our corporate and membership packages this month we really hope to boost the coffers to reach the final target and get this show on the road!

Another well-known Lady from our Town, Baroness Thatcher, once said ‘’ what we think we become ‘’ – and we have! Edith will be us before you know it!

September 2019

What a month!

Extremely busy now everyone is back from the holidays, our fundraising efforts have been well rewarded with an extra big boost with more fantastic donations that have pushed the coffers total even higher! Firstly we were given an amazing £300.00 Community Grant Scheme Funding Award from South Kesteven District Council by Cllr Ray Wootten! This donation was more than enough reward for the hours spent networking but then it got even better! Our campaign reached the ears of the County on the station where it all started – BBC Radio Lincolnshire! The call with Scott Dalton on his Breakfast Show was well the early morning alarm ringing in my ears for the publicity we have received, my phone has not stopped ringing since!

As a result of being on Scott’s show we also received an extremely generous single donation from a local lady who called into see me and the staff at the Museum on Saturday ( 21st ). Alison (staff ) introduced me to her, she explained she had heard all about Edith’s Exhibition on the radio and decided to give us a helping hand. When I opened the envelope in the Museum Office I don’t mind admitting I was close to tears, I was so overwhelmed with the amount given – £1000.00! I ran out of the building faster than my legs could carry me but sadly she had already left the high street. I have written to the lady since, to express my gratitude. Not just on behalf of the Museum but actually for everyone in the Town. This kind of generosity is what I love about Grantham and its people. It’s why I am so passionate about the Museum and why we all work so hard, give up our spare time, to keep the doors open. It’s the special moments that make my job worthwhile but this one is ‘up there’ with the best of them. I will never forget it.

A very special thank you to the lady who donated once again and to Scott and all at BBC Lincs for your fantastic support!   

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