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We aim to educate, inform and inspire our visitors with the stories of Grantham and the surrounding area. Bringing our collective heritage to life through physical and digital exhibitions and experiences, Grantham Museum is for and by the people of Grantham.

Who we are:

In early 2011 the Grantham Community Heritage Association (GCHA) was formed by a group of local volunteers to manage Grantham Museum after it was closed.

The GCHA worked towards towards re-opening the Museum in time to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, and the Museum has been open ever since. To continue this, the GCHA is establishing contact with local educational establishments, charities, business and community groups to share innovative ideas on the future of the Museum.

If you can spare the time and energy, please contact the Grantham Community Heritage Association using this website or by e-mailing info@granthammuseum.org.uk

Board of Trustees

GCHA is managed by a Board of Trustees elected at it’s Annual General Meeting. The board for 2019/2020 is:

David Burling – Chair

Malcolm Robbins

Nick Jones

Amanda Schonhut

James Kearney

Cllr. Graham Jeal

Marilyn Edwards

To keep informed of current events and exhibitions, why not visit Grantham Museum’s Facebook page, Twitter feed

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  1. Marsha Douglass

    Am interested in the Grantham Community,,,,I am a 69 year old woman living in Texas…My grandparents emigrated to the US from England (grandfather) and Scotland (grandmother) before marrying and bearing two children, my mother and my uncle….my grandfather’s name was Croft Grantham and my grandmother’s maiden name was Annie Blyth. Could you direct me to a source of information for their lineage? thank you, Marsha Douglass, Corsicana, TX marshadouglass@gmail.com

    • gramuseum

      Hello Diane, there is free parking on St. Peter’s Hill (limited to 30mins), there is a multi storey car park on Welland Street which is relatively cheap. Or supermarket car park a short walking distance away.

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