Edith Smith “Buy a Brick”

In May 2019, Grantham Museum has launched a fundraising campaign to create a lasting exhibition to the first female police officer to have arresting powers in the UK.

Edith Smith was a pioneer and went on to have an active role in law enforcement in the Grantham area. We feel that it is time to create a fitting, permanent exhibition to her with Grantham Museum.

To do this we are opening up the opportunity to the public to donate and “Buy a Brick” for the “cell wall” that will form part of the exhibition. Each brick with have the name of the person who donated along with a message of tribute to Edith.

You can donate below using PayPal (with an option to add your own tribute to Edith), in person at the Museum or by post (Cheque only, please do not send cash by post). Cheques made payable to Grantham Museum. Minimum donation is £1.

Edith Smith “Buy a Brick”

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