This iconic and daring raid on Germany’s Ruhr Valley in 1943 was devised in Grantham. We celebrate the historic achievement of this raid and the crucial part it played in World War Two.

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female Prime Minister was born in Grantham above her father’s grocers shop in 1925. Our exhibition features her early life and takes you through her time at university and her political career. – View one of her iconic outfits – Find out how her early life and upbringing led on to … Continue reading Margaret Thatcher

Sir Isaac Newton

Grantham Museum’s Newton exhibition features a recreation of the Apothecary shop, complete with things to touch, smell and taste. There is also an interactive map that will show you the places Newton knew, still visible in the modern town; artefacts from Newton’s era including a copy of “Principia” and Newton’s death mask. Come along and … Continue reading Sir Isaac Newton